Definitely, a well-rounded lady
Some pages of my interests!

The Viking Kitties!
You may have seen this before, but then it disappeared. I finally found it again!

SCA Pages!
These are my pages and links in regards
to my involvement in the
Society for Creative Anachronism

I love Kitties!
My page talking about all the kitties
who have touched my life.
Updated August 14, 2003

My Poetry Page
I have just started writing poetry.
This is my new page,
and I add to it frequently.
Hmm.. I just realized the only time I write
poetry is while I am pregnant!! ;)

My Son's Page!
New pix added August 2003

My ex Husband's Pages

Sci-Fi / Fantasy!
Just links so far...

Magical Music
Now updated for 2003! ;)

Samhain - All Hallow's Eve - Halloween
It started off as a page for Halloween, but as I changed and grew, my page changed and grew. Now I talk about this process of change and what it has done for me spiritually.

Military Pages
This is where I talk about being a military spouse

Weird/ Cool Stuff!
Just links so far

My wild and crazy college years
Some college photos!!!

Vampyre Stuff!
Just links so far

Newspaper Stories
I wrote some stories while I was in College
Some are good, some are interesting,
Some are just plain weird

Horror Pages!
Just links so far

Under Construction

I am addicted to the internet
these pages are added to and changed
quite regularly!!

This site was last updated 23 October 2003

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