My life as a Army Wife

My name is Kris, but I am often known as Mz. Kris or Mrs. B.

I don't like being called Mrs. Bethea because it makes me feel old.

Anyway, I've only been an Army wife for 8 short years. (Legally, we weren't married until 95, but when we started dating in 94, I soon became very involved with the military. How can one not?)

In the past five years, I've only lived in two places. Fort Riley, Kansas, and Vilseck, Germany for three years.

Now, we are back in Kansas, as my Dear Husband gets out of the military in August 2000... Then, goes back in joining the National Guard and starting the ROTC program in the Spring of 2002.

I was born and raised in Kansas, so this was a BIG change for me!!!

I have met some wonderful people, have seen some happy times and sad times. It is wonderful how we all stick together through the good and the bad.

One person sticks out in my mind, she is now and forever my friend, even though she is halfway around the world from me. Stacy is my best friend. She has been a military spouse for the entire of her adult life and has three beautiful boys.

Stacy and I met, basically through our Family Support Group. Before we knew it, we were the leaders of our FSG!! We co-lead it because there was no one else available and we were excited about it. Many people thought we were sisters, we acted and even looked so much alike. LOL.

Leading a FSG is a big job, but we loved it.

She also got me started doing Army Family Team Building. Before I knew it, I was teaching the classes for the AFTB University at Ft. Riley. We had an awesome support group there. Every weekend we would hold classes and military spouses were able to go through the classes smoothly and even earn the college credit if they were interested. AFTB was an extremely successful program at Ft. Riley while we were there. (I don't know how it is doing now, everyone I knew there has left!)

It isn't easy being an Army wife, but it is something that I am glad to be a part of. The travel, the people, EVERYTHING is so exciting and fulfilling.

This is why I wanted to design this page.

I wanted to share the good stuff, the important stuff. It is scary when you first marry into the military. It certainly is not an easy job, and believe me, being a military spouse, is a JOB. Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

Yes, there are the bad parts, when your spouse deploys is the worst of them all. But, remember, a military spouse is never alone. There are other spouses that are going through the same depression of being separated. If you attend FSG meetings and even volunteer, you meet other wonderful people and you may just find that close friend you needed, to help you go through the good and the bad. Someone who understands and needs you as much as you need them. These people can become your friends for life, as Stacy has become mine.

Just remember, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!

Spring 2002

Fall/Winter 1999

So far, all I have is our pictures and some info You will also find a link to stories I have written for
my college newspaper, the Kansas State Collegian

This is a story about a Soldier's Christmas

And here is a story defining The Military Wife.
This story describes God's greatest creation.

An Army Wife will Be all that She can Be

Did you know that there are Ten Commandments for being an Army Wife?

Can you Name that Military Superpower!?

In Loving Memory

Christopher Defiance Bethea

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