Samhain - All Hallow's Eve - Halloween

I've always been fascinated by Halloween.

As a child, it was a magical time for getting candy, dressing up, and being silly.

As a teenager, it was a time for stupid pranks. (In my hometown,
someone always set an outhouse on fire in the
triangle on the main drag.)

As I grew older, I became captivated with the thrills of the scary symbols
and gadgets. My dh had the same interests, so now we have numerous
skulls, noise-makers, bats, gargoyles, ceramic pumpkins, and other "scary" items.




All Hallow's Eve

November Eve

Festival of the Dead

Feast of Apples

Third Festival of Harvest

All Saint's Eve

After writing some articles and meeting some wonderful people, I discovered Samhain and the origins of Halloween. After a LOT of research, I realized that there was something more to Halloween than skulls, candy, and pranks.

The people I met, were more than willing to talk to me and teach me. This was amazing, because, here I was, a nearly complete stranger, yet they took me in, and allowed me to interview them for a college newspaper. There was a lot of trust, and I truly thank them for that, but more than that, there was learning, there was realizations, and of course, there was hope that my articles may create some mroe awareness and understanding.

I wish, now, that I had kept in touch with these wonderful people, because, I don't think they realize how much of an impact meeting them had on my life.

Perhaps, someday, they will visit this page, remember, and know that they helped me find myself. Thank you all.

One reason, I didn't really keep in touch was because I didn't jump in right away. I was born and raised a Catholic, but there was so much in that religion that I didn't agree with or simply didn't understand.

So, I read, all kinds of books. And I talked to all kinds of people. And I searched the net.

If you looked at my articles you will notice that I started my research in the spring of 1996.

Now, over four years later, many books, (both good and bad ;), and many wonderful new friends, I have begun taking the next step.

Come find out what's happening with my journey now.

Moonlight hypnotizes me..

The Wiccan Rede

My Book of Shadows

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In my spare time, I am a member of the SCA

Please visit my memorial to our son.

In Loving Memory

Christopher Defiance

Two great sites!

This site is dedicated to the purpose of
promoting Witchcraft and true freedom of religion.


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But I still enjoy the "scary"
aspect of Halloween!

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