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I am Kiersten Elaine Draven. No, my name has not been approved yet, as I am waiting to decide on who and what I am before I submit anything. Right now, I enjoy events for the excitement, fun and experience of meeting new people. I've been in the SCA for 5 years. It was through the SCA that I met my husband and lord.

My lord's name is Kenrick Dryden. Right now, his persona is a gypsy - pirate. He's been in the SCA for nearly 10 years. He is squired to Sir Johannes von Brueckenheim.

Okay, so we aren't exactly period... yet. But give us time and more money and we will improve.

Sir Johannes and Lady Serena are the parents of the household, Windrose, and our family. They are our best friends and wonderful people.

My lord was a part of their household since they met in Drachenwald a while back.

I still remember the day they invited me to join.

I had met Johannes at Pensic earlier that year but I had not met his lady Serena until the weekend of Kenrick and my wedding. It was a busy weekend, naturally, and I was finally able to meet the whole family. They have two wonderful children.

Anyway, Kenrick and I were married and were standing in a receiving line. Serena came through with a favor representing the household. It wasn't just ANY favor either. It was Johannes' fighting favor. Thus, m'lady invited me to join House Windrose. Tears instantly brimmed in my eyes. No other gift that day would mean as much as the honor of being asked to join their household. My heart already exploding with love for my new husband, I didn't think I could be more happier. This gift meant more to me than anything and I still don't think I was ever able to express it to my lord Johannes and my lady Serena. I think only Kenrick truly knew how much this meant to me.

I love you, Serena and Johannes. I am so proud to be a part of your family.

My lord and I are proud to be a part of

House Windrose

Shire of Spinning Winds Webpage for which I am now Webministress!! :)

I plan to have the Shire's Newsletter Drawn and Quarterly online,
but for now, you can check out Dragon's Wisdom an online SCA newsletter that I created.
Unfortunately, it is not up-to-date.
many things have happened since I first started this newsletter,
but it still has some great info.

The home of Sir Axel of Tavastia,
Viscount of Drachenwald
Mistress Jeamaire du Domremey,
Viscountess of Drachenwald
and Diane (Their 6 year old daughter)

ML Lothair von Drachenstein

Everard of House Drachenstein

Here are some pictures of some dear friends my lord and I know

Some Great SCA Pages

The Official SCA Web Page

We currently reside in the
Kingdom of Calontir

within the Shire of Spinning Winds

We previously resided in the
Kingdom of Drachenwald

Within the Shire of Turmstadt

And we love to party with

The Fatguys!

Medieval Pages of Interest

14th Century living history


A Medieval Journey

Some other SCA related topics

Egg Armor Armory

My new interest in the Goddess

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