Christopher Defiance Bethea Memorial

This page is dedicated to my son

Christopher Defiance Bethea

Stillborn on 18 August, 1998

We love you, son.

You are in our hearts and memories forever.


A star on the horizon,
A light in the sky,
Your tears on my shoulder,
Too soon came goodbye.

A wolf perched upon
A plateau made of gold,
Was a warrior so bold.

Not in his armour,
Or a sword oh so sharp,
But by being a light
In his good parents' hearts.

I love you Kris & Michael.

Love, Steph

Here is Our Story

May Christopher watch over
his little baby brother or sister
who joined him in heaven in June 1999

Mommy and Daddy love and miss you both.

And another in early 2002.

Christopher and his little baby brother or sister,
now have someone on this earth to look after!
Please watch over lil Kevin Loric
And keep him safe and happy during his time on Earth
Until we can all be reunited one day.

Here is a beautiful poem

people do not know how to comfort
someone who has suffered the loss of a child.

This is something written to Ann Landers

And printed by Chicken Soup for the Soul

Please visit these
dedication sites
where you can find Christopher and other children
who left this world too soon.

Also, visiting these sites
can be a comfort to anyone
who has lost a child

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