And The Story Continues!

I had thought that my hubby was out of the military. I knew he missed it. I knew that it would always be something in his blood. But after a year went by, I never dreamt he would still go back in.

Admittedly, National Guard isn't Active, but at least this way he can finish college.

And thanks to the ROTC program, he will finish college and become an Officer.

Which means I will become an officer's wife!

But that isn't going to be the only change!

I am now, also, the mother of a Military Brat!! :)
Which, honestly, is something I am rather proud of! I have known some wonderful military "brats" in my time, thanks to being a teacher, and it has been an honor knowing each and every one of them!!
The school and students and military kids that made the largest impact on me was from Vilseck American High School in Vilseck Germany, where I spent 3 years, and gave birth to my beautiful baby boy, Kevin Loric.

I miss Germany...

But that is a whole different story!

Today is May 1, 2002

And I am writing this because, it just hit me. I am a military wife again...
Which means I have responsibilities again... New friends to meet, people to talk to, other wives to support, just basically, it is time for me to get back into the swing of things again!!

So, here I sit, knowing I have new Military Wife books I should buy, knowing that we may not be living here permanently, and once again the future is an unknown.

I'm weird, but I think I prefer it that way.
I like the uncertainty. I hate being locked into something forever, with no doors leading out.
Yes, I do believe I may have gypsy blood in me, or something... (Perhaps I should ask my bio mom sometime).

But I digress. (I have an online journal, so I am quite good at digressing!)

It makes me wonder, how things will change. How will my friends feel, who were always my enlisted best friends. An officer's wife, after being enlisted, I honestly don't think anything will change at all. I hope. It won't on my end.

I have met some ladies who's husbands started off enlisted, then came back as officers. If I remember correctly, most of them were great ladies, with a world of understanding stemming from "both sides". I was always very impressed with them.

I never dreamt that my hubby would someday try to become an officer himself. Never in a million years did I dream it. How does Shakespeare's line go about Dreaming and Philosophy?
I remember not. A fine English teacher I am. *grin*

OH yes, did I mention? I am a teacher. I teach students about Journalism and English, but never at the same time. I mean, the laws between writing journlism and writing proper english differ and are quite confusing. I have a web page for my students as well. Go figure!
There I go again. Oh well, I guess this way you are learning about me as a person as well as my thoughts upon becoming an officers wife. Of course, he hasn't made it yet, but whether he remains enlisted or finishes the ROTC program, I am honestly glad to once again by
an Army Wife!!

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