Glorious Gold

Glorious Gold

Brilliantly glowing, shining in the sunlight.
The glorious gold of the leaves
do not inspire to be anything but themselves.
Definitely not that soft metal so many men desire.
The gold leaves know they are more valuable than anything else
upon this earth.

Gold leaves have a life cold metal could only dream of.
If metal could dream.
These leaves are a part of everything, everyone.
Not a single soul is unable to see
the magnificence of their sunlit goldenness.
without sighing for their beauty.

And, oh, the lives they have!
They start off small and green,
while they watch the world begin anew.
Children of all beasts, including man, play underneath the branches
upon which the leaves live and grow.
Spring is in the air.

But no bit of metal ever experiences
the joy of watching children play.

Then, these leaves grow larger.
They provide the beasts the benediction of their shade.
Coolness from the Summer heat and a
musical symphony as the breezes move them to dance.
They feed the hungry, shade the weary, protect the innocent
and watch, smiling, as all this occurs around them.

No bit of metal ever feels the satisfaction of contributing
so much to life.

Oh, and the splendor,
as the leaves prepare for their Winter sleep.
The gold of leaves withstands time, money and power
for does any of the beasts called man
take photos, play rampantly or do anything meaningful
with their cold, unfeeling bits of metal?
No, there is no life in this metal
and no future.

The future is in the children, who chase these golden leaves
this glorious gold, in the Autumn time of the year.
This gold is watched as it drifts slowly through the air and lands upon the Earth,
only to take flight again as a breeze comes to lift them back high into the air.
Children giggling and playing as they try to catch the beautiful signatures of autumn.

Children live in the now, never worrying about tomorrow,
never caring about "precious" metals,
only enjoying the fun, excitement, and beauty
of the changing seasons.
The glorious gold of the leaves design their most precious possessions.

The children find the most beautiful, most colorful leaves
to make a collage for the most important people in their lives.
These collages are worth more than any bit of metal
as they sit proudly on our walls, refrigerators or mirrors
as the Winter passes into Spring.

And thus the value of this special glorious gold
is more precious, more important,
more a part of our life....
if only the beasts of men
could see through the eyes of their children.
Glorious gold is not an object,
rather it is what is within one's heart.

by Kiersten
Copyright 31 october 1999

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